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Open Champion at MoseleyVardon during his early career and said that he had taken the great English champion as a model for keeping control of himself. The Haig and Trevino were similar characters in many respects and both achieved remarkable success with inelegant but extremely effective swings, although Walter’s was by no means as reliable, particularly off the tee. His action was described as ‘starting with a sway, ending with a lunge’ but, like Trevino, he had remarkable powers of recovery; “a veritable wizard with the pitch”, as Bobby Jones put it - and he was a deadly putter.

The day chosen for the game at Moseley could not have been worse for me. Both Charlie and I were going over for the Irish Open at Malone, Belfast and I was to play in an international match on the Tuesday. Had we not been involved in the match with the Americans we would have travelled over the weekend to have Monday as a practise day for me.