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1947 displayed in the Arrowe Park clubhouse also include Johnny Bulla’s 67 and those of two Open Champions: Dick Burton’s 69 and Henry Cotton’s 72.

Arrowe Park Golf Club presents scorecard

Dick Burton and Bert Gadd Trophy

Bert Gadd Back at Brancepeth in 1993

In 1993 I was invited back to Brancepeth Castle for their 70th anniversary celebrations. I played in a special exhibition match with Lancôme Trophy champion Mark Roe, who was to win the French Open the following year - sixty years after my victory. We were joined by TV commentator and former Ryder Cup player, Ken Brown and two promising local youngsters – Jonathan Gill and Scott Young. I was 84 years of age and it was almost seventy years since I first set foot on the Brancepeth course. It was a most enjoyable day and at, that evening’s dinner, the club bestowed Honorary Life Membership upon me - a great privilege and a wonderful way to set the seal on my golfing life. What memories that beautiful place holds for me.