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On release from hospital I gave up my house in Chester, where I had lived for thirty-six years, and went to live with my daughter and her family in Ormskirk, not far from the Golf Club where I had received the news of my Ryder Cup selection over sixty years before. As I look back on a lifetime in golf I can say that my only regret is that I never had the honour of representing my country in the Ryder Cup. Certainly, when you think about the post war boom in golf, I was born twenty-five years too soon. When I was playing in the big events like the News of the World Matchplay Championship seventy years ago the first prize had some way to go to reach £1000; In 2003 Ernie Els won the first million pound cheque for his victory in the H.S.B.C. World Matchplay Championship. Makes you think! - but I see the game as being more like a big business now, not the sport it was in my day. I had some great times and made some wonderful friends - and I had the pleasure and privilege of playing with some of the games greatest characters.

Walter Hagenís famous quote about his attitude to golf (and life) comes to mind:

ďYouíre only here for a short visit.
Donít hurry, donít worry - and be sure to smell the flowers along the way.Ē

Bertís last resting place was with his wife, son and brother Charles at Brancepeth Castle

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